Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland

Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland is an association that provides managerial, educational and clinical support to senior mental health nurse managers across the Irish Mental Health Services. Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland has been reconstituted from the Association of Psychiatric Nurse Managers (APNM) following a change of title of the organisation at the Annual General Meeting in 2003. The change of name was proposed to reflect a more positive and modern view of services for people with mental health needs and to accord with changing legislation in the area of mental health care.

Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland is cognisant of the many changes and demands of modern health care and intends to ensure that the views of mental health nurse managers in Ireland are presented at the earliest possible stage in order to influence changes and have a proactive effect on issues that may impact on mental health service provision.

Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland will, at every opportunity, acknowledge and raise awareness of the unique contribution made by nurse managers in the provision, management and development of mental health services in Ireland.

The National Executive of Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland is comprised of a network of regional representatives who act as a resource for members of the organisation. Additionally, seminars are convened to provide a forum for discussion by members of contemporary issues and to construct an organisational response to proposed changes in delivery of mental health care. An annual conference is held for all members which allows for discussion and debate on common concerns and provides a forum for presentation of relevant academic papers.

The aims of Mental Health Nurse Managers Ireland

  • To reflect the views of Mental Health Nurse Managers in the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures relating to employment and utilization of psychiatric nursing personnel and other categories of staff

  • To influence Policy on healthcare frameworks and staff development programmes.

  • To promote a medium for the exchange of views and issues on any matter relevant to the profession.

  • To establish dialogue and communication with other appropriate National and International Organisations.

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